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Patient experiearnces extreme numbeness in right index finger. Patient is a construction worker and has had this complaint for about a year. Patient also has reduced sensation in general with this hand. Any thoughts, suggestions for methods, similar patients etc.? The first treatment included Spleen #3(bilateral) Spleen #6(bilateral) and Lg.Int #'s 4, 6 10 on the right hand/arm and Lung#7 on the left hand.Patient regained most sensation in his index finger immediately after the treatment, and this lasted for 6 days before returning again. I'd love some ideas here. Thank you


It sounds like the patient received a decent response from the treatment so I'm not sure I would change anything at all. The duration of pain free days should increase as you continue along with treatments.

You may be able to increase the deepness of the treatments by adding strong tuina in the sky window and cervical areas on the effected side of the neck (the root of the nerves for the arm). Needling locally will give only minor relief whereas working more structurally should lead to lasting improvements. Cupping would also be called for on the upper back, shoulder, etc. as appropriate.

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