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Palpitations and Stomach Aorta


I posted before about receiving acupuncture for arrhythmia. Pleased to say there are fewer occurences although the condition is nowhere near totally gone. But the last time there was a significant event, I noticed that my stomach started shaking first and then the pulsing worked up to my chest. Later that week, while watching a detective documentary, one of the speakers said "the knife had pierced his stomach aorta". I had no idea there was such a thing as a stomach aorta.

I immediately thought of the arrhythmia event I'd just had that involved my stomach so I looked it up on several websites. They described aorta aneurysms, symptons and rupturing. I have not experienced any of the symptoms except for the stomach shaking (pulsating noticeably).

My question is... am I pursuing the correct method of treatment for my palpitations? That is, if the stomach aorta is a factor... I receive acupuncture treatments once a week and take Tian Wan Bu Xin Wan.

Right now I am being treated for: anxiety, blood pressure (not a major concern anymore it seems), palpitations, insomnia (considerably better), stress and excessive gas. When I have excessive gas, I experience little flutters off and of until the gas subsides.

I also excercise daily by walking 2 to 3 miles, changed my diet to include more organics and raw nuts and fish. Supplements include take CoQ10 and sily marin. I am considering taking Res-Q1250, a fish oil supplement.


Based on what you said about excessive gas leading to flutters, it sounds like you may be getting some vagus nerve stimulation. Oriental Medicine is great for this type of thing. Anxiety is probably a big part of this. I would continue with your practitioner, but I would also include some self care practices such as meditation or basic breathing exercises. One very simple breathing exercise is called 4-7-8 Breathing.

Inhale through your nose to a count of 4

Hold the breath for a count of 7

Exhale through pursed lips (as if through a straw) to a count of 8

The count can be in seconds or quicker. The idea is just that you are not feeling short of breath. Start with 4 cycles at a time 2-3 times per day. This will really help calm the nervous system and will more the likely have a positive effect on everything you are describing in your post.


While only your practitioner would know by his/her diagnosis if Tian Wan Bu Xin Wan is the correct formula for you, from the sounds of things it would at least be part of the solution. I think all of the changes you are making are great, although watch how many nuts you have as they can be tough on the liver/gallbladder and lead to some of the issues. The pulsation you feel, however, is extremely common with anxiety disorders and it should calm down as your system regains balance from proper treatment.

You should also read "What Does Acupuncture Treat?" for an idea of how we approach treating your issues. This way you will understand that you are probably being treated for Liver Qi Stagnation with Heart Yin Deficiency instead of for anxiety, insomnia, etc.... (for example) - this is how treatment points are chosen and how appropriate herbal formulas are identified. This is helpful to understand so you can grasp how Chinese Medicine deals with the root causes and not the symptoms.


by using Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang with 2g DAN SHEN, 2 g FU LINH in 5:1 extract. My heart palpitation and problems gone in 4 wks after having palpitation for more than 50 yrs.

If you still have gas problem then use:

dandelion -Taraxacum officinale 10g

Xia Ku Cao (Selfheal Spike, Prunella) 10g

Boil in water in 15 min and drink like tea during the day.

Drop Xia Ku Cao (Selfheal Spike, Prunella) after 1-2 wks (not for long term usage)

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