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Painful rash


Yin deficient Client symptoms are severely itchy and painful red rash on neck(worst), wrists, inner elbows. Other symptoms, tired, stressed, headaches, occasional dizzy, insomnia. Tongue: very red, no coat Pulse: full

Regarding herbal would heat clearing or yin nourishing as in Liu Wei Di Huang Wan or Da Bu Yin Wan work better.


Itching rashes are very often heat in the blood. While the patient may have an underlying yin deficiency as well you may also see signs of this from too much internal heat over time. It would depend on how long it has been going on and on other signs. Generally, however, if the rashes are relatively acute you would first clear heat, I tend to use Xiao Feng Wan.

You need to be careful clearing too much heat with yin deficient patients but these conditions, if acute, should clear relatively quickly. Then you could use something like Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, or others, to resolve the underlying yin.


rash on above body with no coating red tongue, means lung or stomach yin def., use Mai Men Dong Tang or Qing Ying Tang is better.


It would be best to provide some more specifics about the rash. For example you can have a yin deficient patient that develops poison ivy - treating their yin deficiency doesn&#39t make the poison ivy go away. In some cases you can have symptoms more or less entirely unrelated to underlying patterns. It is often a grave error to assume everything is related systematically. It would be great if the medicine worked that way, but in clinical reality this is far from the truth.

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