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.I am using this forom because I don't know what to do anymortold me that I stage 3 kidney disease it got worse so he's sending me to a specialist I am going to see him in 2 days but 2 months ago I starting started having a very bad sciatic pain that is almost debilitating my doctor told me not to take anything for it until I saw the specialist for my kidneys.I've been to a chiropractor for 5 times and even though it seems a bit better for a day or so it has been getting progressively worse now I've lost my job and haven't been out of bed for 3 days. I have had very high blood pressure which my GP was never able to control now I feel like at 62 I might be dieing and I just don't want to get on that train with pills the constant appointment with doctors I want to see if I can go to holistic doctor. do you think I have a chance and is there one anywhere near me?


Why don&#39t you start by seeing an acupuncturist in your area? Chinese Medicine can treat very broadly - far beyond just pain cases. The liklihood that your back pain is not related to your kidney issues is quite small. In other words, you have to treat everything at once, and Chinese Medicine can do this well. Otherwise you will continue to get very lackluster results.

Secondarily, be cautious of anyone who calls themselves a "holistic" doctor. That could mean anything and there isn&#39t an official license for anything along those lines. Chinese Medicine is as comprehensive as anyone would need particularly when combined with standard western medicine for what it excels at - diagnostic testing and then, of course, when necessary surgery and more aggressive treatments. Don&#39t exclude one over the other but use them together wisely. A good Chinese Medicine practitioner and a reasonably open minded western physician are the best combination in this case. You don&#39t need (or in my opinion even want) a western doctor that also attempts to perform a bunch of "alternative" techniques - just let them be good at the western side and let someone properly and fully trained to take care of the other side.

To find a practitioner in your area, I would suggest you simply start by using google, there will be at least a few to choose from.

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