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Pain spot on my leg, please explain


Hi, so nice to be here.

I haven’t had time to look around yet, please forgive me.

I have a “spot”, on the outside of my left leg (which has edema), almost exactly 1/2 way between my knee and ankle, right about the center of my calf area. The “sore spot” is definitely on the side of my leg. As I was rubbing up and down on my calf, I suddenly noticed it. I don’t know if it has been there or for how long.

I am applying soft pressure with my index finger and rubbing in a circular motion until the pain is gone, any other direction(s)?

What is the name of this spot? what area of the body does it represent? Why is it painful? any other comments/knowledge I would appreciate. Thank you.


It is very likely to be meaningless. If you have edema there is a lot of tension put on the muscles and tendons and sore spots are very likely to develop as the water pushes the tissue outwards. Your best result will come from getting proper treatment for the edema. Rubbing the area, depending particularly on how much edema you have and why, is likely to do more harm than good.


There are two points in that general vicinity, GB 35 and GB 36. However I would agree with Chad that in all likelihood there is no medical significance to the specific location of the tender point and that it is more likely just a manifestation related to the edema.


Could be lower gall bladder point 35, I had a similar issue which occurred before edema set in. I would have gb shu AND the gb point on the second line as well as gb 21 treated. I put an acu magnet on these points and felt a sensation shoot all the way down to my left outter leg. Also, my situation was due to a pinch nerve gb shu area - you might want to get an xray and/or blood work completed.


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