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Pain on right rib


I know I probably should go see an acupuncturist or doctor about this, but, I don't have medical insurance so I thought maybe I could ask on here first to see if this is not really a problem. I have a soreness on my right rib cage on the last link on my front side. its roughly a quarter of the way from the middle of my belly to my right side on the bottom of the last link of my rib cage (again, on my right side). I've heard that pain there can sometimes be from gallbladder, although, its on the rib cage itself. i don't feel any pain or swollenness when you push beneath my rib cage itself, avoiding the bone entirely. The point feels like its in-between KD22 and KD21 (from looking at the meridian charts, I'm not a studying student to know if it actually is between those points on my body, but judging from the charts, it feels like the point is along my kidney meridian). its also a very specific point which is why i think it may be related to acupuncture. its not a range or area but a specific point on my rib cage. anyone know what this might be?


As you point out you should see a practitioner for a proper intake, diagnosis and treatment if appropriate. The point you mention sounds more like LV 13, but perhaps not. This point can be active with the full range of digestive disturbances, but also with anxiety, panic attacks, etc. That said, acupuncture is not simply a point to disorder modality. So sensitivity on a point does not necessarily mean anything is wrong with that meridian, or with any of the functions that the point controls. In other words, I would read too much into it without more information and other confirming signs and pressure on other related points. Even if the pain is not near that point, generally the whole area is related digestive disturbances and/or emotional issues. And, yes, sensitivity in this area can come from gallbladder issues, liver problems, intestinal problems, etc. - it's also fairly easy for active people (mountain biking, contact sports, etc.) to bruise this rib. When bruised it may hurt for 4-6 weeks or longer.

Oh, and I should add that acupuncture is rarely covered by insurance anyhow so your lack of insurance should certainly not stop you from seeing someone if you are concerned about these issues. Acupuncture as a whole is generally affordable with treatments nationwide ranging from $45-$85.

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