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Pain in stomach

The western medicine doctors cannot find
currently withdrawing from neuroleptic meds. psychological and environmental factors mainly which played a role
Supplementing omega 3 fish oil, Gottu Goola and I bacopa monnieri.vit c

,insomnia, currently withdrwaing from psymeds

irritability( fatigue has improved, getting better)
acid reflux, pain stomach (liver and left side)

taken Shu Gan Wan and Jia Wei Xiao Yao Wan and Suan Zao Ren , Suan Zao had poor performance with insomnia… stomach pain showed up 9 months

symptoms with stomach pain have worsen and physically gained weight on the other hand , overall has increased 10fold.
If i stop the pmedication after 4 days which fades, nuisance in stomach.
what are the proper accupressure points to help?

When you say “stop the pmedication after 4 days which fades, nuisance in stomach” - can you clarify what you are saying. Also are you currently taking all those herbal formulas, or you just tried them - and, either way, what was the result of those.

Acupressure will not help you much with all of this in my opinion, but proper herbal medicine may. Ultimately you should find a practitioner in your area and work directly with them for a few months at least. But if you can provide more details regarding my questions above, I’ll try to guide you a bit.


what im saying is after 4 days, the halflife of active ingredient is 36 hours, the ap reacts and covers the pain feel and I don’t have any pain in stomach, pain is there but not feeling it, thus sleep is ok, without any pain, ok, after stop taking it breaks the analgestic and start feeling the pain again and its not tolerable.

currently not taking the above herbal formulas,tried in the past Suan Zao hasnt helped much with sleep,

Appreciate for help.

You should consult directly with a practitioner in your area to sort this out. There are far too many variables when you have random supplements and a history of western medicine usage in the mix. That said, in very general terms, formulas like Yin Chen Hao Wan or Yue Ju Wan are likely to be more towards the direction you need to go herbally than what you have done. But, again, a local practitioner will be the only one who can go through your history and current diagnostic signs and tell you for certain and even then it is a moving target that initially requires frequent monitoring and likely adjusting of the formulas.

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