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Pain in my Jaw & Ear problems


After having a filling & root cannel (July 1) I began hurting on the left side of my face. It hurt like another abscess but the dentist says there is nothing ...Gave me an antibiotic and it almost killed me ( I have serious problems with most drugs) after recovering from the antibiotic the pain It moved to my ears & sometime to my other teeth. My ears stopped up & were Ringing all the time. then better....The pain is less sometimes & horrible at it has gotten really bad & my ears have stopped up again & constant Ringing & roaring. I have No Insurance. Is this an infection? After 6 months and counting, What can I do? Please help me…I feel totally lost and helpless


I have seen a number of cases like yours within my acupuncture practice. We&#39ve had patients just like you who have gone back to the dentist multiple times without seeing any resolution. Generally this involves damage to the nerves and is treated similar to issues like trigeminal neuralgia for example.

Generally I would find an acupuncturist in your area and try at least 4-6 treatments to see how things go.


Thank you so much :)

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