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Pain in LI4 followed by a miscarriage



I am suffering a miscarriage that I am worried to be influenced by myself. I had a positive pergnancy test 1,5 weeks ago (4 weeks pregnancy). Four days after that there was some blood and pelvic pain. Soon after that the LI4 points on my hands started aching quite painfully. I wanted to avoid painkillers and I didn't know about the forbidden points, so I massaged/pressed my hands gently.

Next day the bleeding started. Now I am haunted by the idea that I might have caused my miscarriage. My question is: can a pain in LI4 be an indication of a miscarriage beginning and how hard do I have to activate the acupressure point to cause a miscarriage?


First, I am sorry to hear about your miscarriage. To put your mind at ease, however, I can assure you that you -did not- cause, contribute or in any way modulate your miscarriage by using acupressure on LI 4. Not to discount the emotional aspects of miscarriage, which are significant, but it will happen naturally by the body if it terms that the fetus is unhealthy. While there are women who are prone to miscarry, and Chinese Medicine has good diagnostic and treatment tools for this, this is likely not your case. And even if you were prone to this using some mild acupressure on that point would not likely change much. In other words, you miscarried because your body thought that was the right thing to do, and not for any other reason.

While there are contraindicated points, they can and still are used by practitioners throughout pregnancy for any number of reasons without issue (with proper training of course). When we do labor induction with acupuncture the stimulation on the points is strong and we use multiple "contraindicated" points.


Pain in Li4 cannot be an indication for miscarrige, neither applying acupressure in Li4 will cause miscarrige. If you are still having unwanted discharge you can treat in SP4, GB41 and DU24

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