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Pain from Acupuncture Magnets?


A couple of days ago I had acupuncture magnets placed in my ear after an hours worth of auricular acupuncture these caused me severe headaches, sleeplessness, clammy sweaty skin and feeling of restlessness until I removed them.

I have had accupuncture many time for relaxation purposes in my ear. I have also had it many times before in my ear and my belly and hands at the hospital by the Physio dept for treatment of what is yet so far as undiagnosed and severe pain in my belly, perenium, right testicale. I have had scans for testicular cancer, cameras up into bladder, MRI, CT, UV etc all over the place.

The doctors (have so far) said they cannot find anything "mechanically" wrong with me. Although I had polyps removed from my colon (my family had history of colon cancer), a calcium stone in my right testicale, and had calcium stones in my Kidneys last year (only found after an xray). Last Saturday I had a cystoscopy into my bladder which I don't know the results of yet (apart from a tight uretha they had to expand) which I am still getting some pain in. The last cystoscopy into my bladder showed nothing but high protein.

A urologist did give me a diagnosis of chronic prostatitis which from I can see is a useless diagnoses with no help and only because I hadn't had a diagnoses up until then.

At the moment I am on Fentanyl patch for the pain but still get severe breakthrough pain which is unbearable. Having been an ex IV user years ago I have a high opiate tolerance and I would like some kind of pain relief so I can get off them all.

Last night I told a woman about this pain after the magnets and she said to me, "how can I put this nicely, your organs are, umm, FXXXED" which is really not what I wanted to hear and obviously contradicts Western medicine doctors who cannot diagnose me with something curable.

Today I am in severe pain again, symptons of pain in right testicale, and Perinium.

I have little knowledge about Chinese medicine I just know that the first / second time I had auricular acupuncture I chatted all the way through it but by the fourth time I would nod off ASAP. From what I can see they treat the whole body as an issue not just symptoms.

I had an issue years ago where someone gave me a copper bracelet for my arm which was supposed to do something with energy but I found it made me sick and had to remove it within a few hours.

Is this to do with my undiagnosed pain, the fact I am on Fentanyl for it or just the magnets?

The woman said it can put alcoholics and benzo addicts into instant withdrawal. Did I suffer something similar re the Fentanyl patch?

I have spend 4+ years trying to get to the bottom of the cause of my pain with no luck.

All I know is I got the swine flu 4 years ago and afterwards I have been incredible pain in my stomach and Perinium etc.

Should I see a Chinese doctor? I feel am not getting anywhere in regards to solving my underlying pain cause.


First, thank you for properly posting this as a new discussion - your unrelated comment on another posters question with the same text has been removed.

In general, why don&#39t you try acupuncture from a fully trained and fully qualified acupuncturist (not a physio, not an MD, not anyone else who is not an acupuncturist). Ideally someone who does tuina (chinese medical massage) and Chinese herbal medicine as well. Give that 5-8 treatments and then if you are still having no change in your condition, write in and I can see what I can offer from a distance.

There is far too much incongruent information in your post to offer much more than, (1) don&#39t let physio&#39s do acupuncture, particularly in complicated cases and (2) if you are fine from a western perspective, you are fine from a western perspective - so stop seeking help from that direction. It&#39s expensive, wastes your time and is very poorly configured to deal with complicated cases of a systemic nature. On top of that, whomever told you that your organs are "xxxxed" - you should never talk to that person again. That is a very unscientific and extremely unproductive viewpoint.

I can tell you that a few hours with ear magnets on what I was assuming would have been shen men isn&#39t going to cause you trouble. Long term pain medicine use, chronic pain and psychosomatic reactions from anything that you don&#39t understand and consequently don&#39t trust will however. In short, don&#39t over think what can happen from the treatments. Just find someone you trust, who is properly trained and qualified and hang in there for a little while. See them once a week (not more frequently) for 2 months and then evaluate how you are doing. Treatment can take much longer than that, or not, but either way by then I would think with proper treatment you should be doing much better. Based on your history 6-24 months of treatment (not weekly, per se, but consistent) is possible until you get a deep resolution and rebuilding of your bodies systems.


Thanks for replying.

I think the physio department at my local hospital does use people who know what they are doing re accupuncture as they must be trained in it for the NHS to offer it and as I know the NHS doesn&#39t like wasting money (so I&#39m not wasting my own money at least). However I am not sure what qualifications the person had or would need so maybe you are right on their skillset.

The actual needle treatment never gave me any problems, or ever has, I fell asleep as usual. However it was the stick on pins/magnets afterwards that made me feel ill. Taking them off made me feel better pretty quickly however the last time I had magnets on 8+ years ago I didn&#39t have this health issue and they didn&#39t cause any issues.

I went into somewhere today and it seems the magnet pins they stuck on were on a point related to the Kidneys and also stress/calmness (there was a poster on a wall describing the organ each pin targeted and also other benefits etc).

I am just wondering if it was the position of the magnet that they put on and also if it was the kidneys/waterworks/digestion pressure point wouldn&#39t link into my other symptons, kidney stones, pain in the perenium, colon etc.

I live in the UK, outside a major city, so I don&#39t know the best place to find a proper therapist I would trust (the person who told me about my organs was someone who I thought I could trust).

I go to the NHS pain clinic who referred me to the Physio department at the local hospital and they offered me the accupuncture.


"..they must be trained in it for the NHS to offer it"

I&#39m sorry to disillusion you, monkeymagix. In this country (UK) there is no protection of the title of "acupuncturist" & so many physiotherapists are able to do a course of literally a few days and call themselves an acupuncturist. They may not be actually unsafe (I&#39ll leave that argument for now) but they are not "a fully trained and fully qualified acupuncturist" capable of dealing with a complex case. (See Chad&#39s comments above)

Try someone who is on one of the major professional registers for acupuncture: BAcC or ATCM (or AFPA or ACI in N. Ireland or Ireland) who is a DipAc or Lic Ac. [Not AACP or BMAS - these are physios & GPs] In contract, they will have done several thousand hours of training to qualify, & be used to complex cases.

Hope this is helpful.

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