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Pain around urinary bladder


My son , 9 years old is suffering from stomach pain. Not a continuous pain. Most often at the time
morning 7 to 9 AM and evening after 7 PM. He feels a pain at the bottom above male organ and below belly button. In the left side. I think that there will be a problem associated with UB. Not sure. This pain is for a period of one month. What is correct acu point to treat this?


There isn’t a single acupuncture point to treat anything, it’s just not how acupuncture works. First, you have to determine the correct problem he is having - possibilities are constipation, hernia, appendicitis, gall bladder problems, etc. (see “treating the cause vs. the symptoms” for more on the importance of proper diagnosis).


I took full abdominal scan. Everything is normal. He is not having constipation.


Well if he is having pain something is wrong. Did they scan the lower groin, or just the digestive organs? The most common would be an inguinal hernia which you can in most cases feel, but a scan would show if they went far enough. What other symptoms does he have, what is his diet like, how many bowel movements and what consistency daily?

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