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Ovulation bleeding


What Chinese herbs shall I eat or drink if I have ovulation bleeding?

My periods are normal (a bit heavy on the first 2 days)(it is always 3-7 days late). Sometimes I have mild or sharp abdominal pain on the first day. I often have white discharge.

Thank you.


There are no standard formulas for specific symptoms. The guidelines for choosing herbal formula involve looking at all the signs and symptoms you have, not just those that seem relevant.

Also just so you know bleeding just before or during ovulation is not necessarily something that requires treatment so long as the bleeding is light or just spotting. According to one Western MD I was able to find this occurs in 10-30% of women and is generally considered normal.


I think this is Heat related. Excess heat may cause this kind of situation. Need more details. Your age. The other related problems.


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