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Ovarian cancer medicines needed


Hello !!
My mother 76 yrs has ovarian cancer stage - 3 C . Chemotherapy 4 cycles done so far , then no good result , so operation done . Doctors said , after operating , can not remove the bad portion as its spread widely over whole intestine.

Can you suggest best medicines. and how to use these ? If you need CT Scan or blood reports I can mail you .
Waiting for your answer soonest possible.


With any patient really, but certainly in more chronic conditions you absolutely need to see a practitioner in your local area and receive proper care. There are no hard and fast rules for treating cancer with Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, or anything else in Chinese Medicine. Proper treatment requires a truly skilled practitioner.

If there is absolutely no one near you, a -possibility- would be xiao chai hu tang which particularly for colon cancer, but for cancer in generally has shown promise ( 1 ). In reality, however, a practitioner would either develop a custom formula for a patient in this state, and/or more than likely a combination of formulas which perhaps also aid the bodies ability to survive the chemotherapy would be chosen. Only someone close to the patient who can follow their case weekly or at least monthly would be able to truly provide the correct care.

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