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Outside Suggestions and help please


I have a client that has lost the strength in her one hand...there is no numbness or pain. She has exhausted the alopathic medical world. I am a healing touch practitioner, I also reference potent acupuncture points when necessary with a lazer pen.

This is the first time I have posted on this site. Can I please receive ideas, suggestions from your vantage point.

Thank YOU

Linda Oughton


It would be best to simply refer her to a fully trained acupuncturist locally. There are so many things from a TCM perspective that could be leading to this that it is nearly impossible to offer much of anything from the information you have provided. And without being able to offer relevant signs and symptoms from a Chinese Medicine perspective a dialogue is difficult. All that said, acupuncture is extremely useful for these types of issues, so it would be worth her while to find someone to work with.

The easiest thing I can offer is that the problem is more than likely from her neck and not locally, but again, that&#39s would be offered just as a statistically clinically relevant cause - not something definitive from proper diagnostic procedures.


If you check the Hua Tuo Jia Ji points C6 that effects the strength of the whole arm and hand, a pinch or blockage here may be what you are looking for as it deals with the nerves.


Hi Linda,

I complement my practice with needle-less acupuncture. It is a new technology that I am using and it works great with energy healing. You and I know which acupuncture points to use, this is a good tool to make the energy flow and these patches has direct/specific programming. I normally use the energy patches for this kind of situation in addition to clearing and balancing the chakras.


Could I ask what kind of energy you are using? it sounds like patches of some sort I would be very interested in sharing some ideas. I have been working with Bio-energetic stimulation of the acupuncture sights for some time and have tried several different types of energy and have found it fascinating. I have had acupuncture in the past and found it not as effective as I had hoped. The auto-immune illness I had was not responding well to medical treatments my liver and kidneys were compromised by medication and the illness. When I started receiving bio-photon therapy as a last resort, my illness started responding and recovery seemed possible. I then began by purchasing an instrument that can measure the energy in the meridians and by studying meridians and acupuncture sights and the energy to energize and balance the meridians. I have found several energies that work well but each has its own limitation and benefits. I am blessed with friends and family that have provided me with a variety of illnesses to study and develop some techniques that seem successful. At the moment I am working with a young man that has Lou Gehrig&#39s disease and in 3 weeks he has developed some move ment in his feet.


Hi Norma,

I use homeopathic patches that have signaling capabilities. What is great about it is it is non-transdermal, no drugs, no toxins, does not contradict with any medication that you/your client is taking, fast immediate response, etc. It follows the acupuncture meridians and have specific protocols for your condition. It will work great with your measuring device as the results of these patches have been measured in clinical trials.

Due to the restrictions of this board, I will send you a private message of what this patches are and how it is applied. I will also forward you the double blinded research papers done.

I do not see a &#39contact me&#39 button in your profile... I do have one on mine, private message me.


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