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Our Growth Hormone



Can acupuncture promote and increase our growth hormone, even if in late ages?

If yes, can you give me some points to trigger the releasing of growth hormone.

Thank you so much, sir Chad.. More Power.



I am not aware of studies that confirm the effect of acupuncture on the stimulation of growth hormone. Within our system, however, we do use points to this end for a variety of conditions. Because there is so much complexity in understanding the growth hormone and growth factors in our body I am going to try to put together an article discuss all of this. For now, however, the quick answer is that we use GV 22 and UB 6 to regulate the hypothalamus and pituitary - both of which are responsible for the release of growth hormone. A treatment within our system along these lines would be tong ren and tuina on TH 16, Tiandong, ST 12 and acupuncture on GV 22, GV 17, UB 6 along with case/pattern specific points.

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