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Osteoporosis - Red Flower Oil?



I was wondering how you felt about using Imada Red Flower Analgesic Oil to help alleviate severe arthritis in the hands (so bad, sometimes can't even open jar). Beginning states of osteoporosis are affecting mobility in the hands and day to day functions. I'm thinking red oil wold be better than white, but any suggestions would be welcome? Thanks!


First I hope you are doing other far more constructive treatments than just linaments from the offerings of Chinese Medicine. Proper diagnosis followed by treatment with internal herbs along with acupuncture and tuina massage will take people a whole lot further than ointments. That said, whatever ones work for you and don&#39t cause skin irritation are probably what you should use - each person will respond differently. We tend to use Kwan Loong Oil as our white oil during tuina and for many pain/arthritis related conditions - largely because it doesn&#39t stain. For many pain conditions including spurs and other bone deformities we use a few others including red flower oil.


Try taking 2 capsules of Avena Sativa (Oatstraw) 3 times a day for your pain. About 30 years ago I had very bad pain in my hands, hips, and back. I went to every orthapedic in my area only to be given prescription drugs which I refused to take. (I had a 6 month old infant that I was breastfeeding and I did not want to give him any harmful substances.) I finally went to a friend who was an herbalist. He asked me if I would pay him $15.00 for 3 items to help me and if I didn&#39t recover within 3 weeks he would give me my money back. I was impressed. Oatstraw/Avena Sativa was the main herb that I was given. 3 days later I had no pain, 3 weeks later I had full use of my hands, hips, and back. I still use the avena sativa on a regular basis to this day with great results. If you can find it in a tea, make yourself a tea and drink it daily. It doesn&#39t taste bad. You can also make an infused oil from the tea or herb by placing the dried herb in a 16 oz. jar and pouring hot oil over it. Let it set for a minimum of one month before using. It is best to make two jars at a time so one will continue to get stronger the longer it sets. I made infused oils that set for a minimun of one year to get the strength that I want. Good luck.


Thank you both for your comments,

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