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Osteo Pubis


Any thoughts for treatment of Osteo Pubis .


The first thought that comes to mind is you need to treat what your patient presents with in TCM terms. Osteitis Pubis generally shows up in serious/professional athletes - although it can show up for other reasons including local trauma. So diagnoses such as qi and/or blood deficiency, blood stagnation, etc. are likely. From a western perspective this condition is a chronic inflammation of the pubic symphysis. Treatment goals, then, would be to reduce inflammation and promote circulation locally.

For prevention and/or avoiding continuing issues working on the abdominal and groin muscles locally will be helpful. As we tend to focus on huatuo points I generally use the huatuo of T1 (bone/tendon problems anywhere), T7 (blood circulation into the lower abdomen), L2 (kidneys), L5 (colon, but largely a local point) and/or the eight liao - the rest of the points would be specific to each case but may include GB 34, 37, 39, UB 40, ST 36, SP 6, LV 8, LV 3, etc.

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