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Organ or blood, or chi exaggerated


What does it mean when blood or the lungs is exaggerated? I know it is some kind of disharmony. Does this involve a parent or opposite organ? I guess an organ can be collapsed too. Does that mean it’s tired or exhausted ? Does this in turn cause an organ collapse? I know when yin/yang collapse and separate, well that’s not good news for a patient.


Without any context I don’t really know what exaggerated would mean. My best guess it would be the same as an excess. For most systems you can have both deficiency and excess patterns.


Sorry Stephen I am meaning organ networks I believe here. The Lungs are exaggerated and Kidneys collapsed. And another organ network. I believe this would be the Wu xing cycle. The pattern seems to be 2 collapsed organ networks and an exaggerated one. Am I making sense? I don’t know if it’s diet or what, but Lungs are “exaggerated” and Kidney “collapsed” or I guess deficient. Does that sound like a real pattern?


When you say “The Lungs are exaggerated and Kidneys collapsed” what that coming from? Is that something you read, a diagnosis someone proposed or something else? The terminology of “exaggerated” and “collapsed” is not something I’m familiar with in the context of TCM.

With regards the wu xing or five element/phase theory metal (lungs) supports water (kidneys). An excess of metal would be more likely to disrupt, not weaken water. I don’t claim to specialize in the five element style of acupuncture, someone who does might be able to provide a better explanation.


That is actually something I reasoned. My nose runs 12 months of the year. It’s really tiring. Phlegm. And I know my Kidneys are weak. Now A possible Dx a TCM practitioner says is that there is a link to my heart and kidneys. Something about the emotions invovled with them. Fear and anxiety.


Look don’t take this the wrong way but you aren’t doing yourself any favors trying to diagnosis yourself. In many schools the first two years are primarily learning the basics and fundamental theory without any application into diagnosis at all. If you really are that interested the only way to actually truly learn TCM theory is either to go to an accredited school or find a master willing to apprentice you.


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