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Organ conditions - opinions?


Does anyone have any opinions on this ? Can my Lungs be ok ? Liver under active, Spleen, Heart, and Kidneys overactive ? I am not quite sure what I mean by that :frowning: But more specifically, Liver yang and yin excessive and deficient. Kidney yang excess and yin deficient. Heart yang excessive and yin deficient. Spleen yang excessive and yin deficient. Lungs yang and yin balanced.

I am sorry I am not sure what I mean here. I know some organs are yin and some yang. But they are all yang/yin too. <sigh>


If I’m following you are asking two questions. One can something be both yin and yang deficient at the same time. The answer to that generally is that you need to realize that yin and yang are terms of relativity with no permanence. The basics of that theory are laid out in our yin and yang theory page.

The other question I think you are asking is if one system can be fine while others are not. The answer to that is roughly the same - they are relative to each other. So in a way nothing is ever in perfect balance (i.e. there is no perfect zero point). So, yes, you can be healthy - yes, you can have one or a few systems healthier than others, and, yes, there is never a point of perfect health.

Hopefully I’m understanding you correctly.


Absolutely. Yes as usual that’s right.


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