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Orange Peel Skin (Enlarged Pores) on Cheeks


What can I do to fix huge, enlarged pores? My cheeks, especially the left one, now have skin that looks like an orange peel.

Can you suggest treatments?

I’m going to an acupuncturist who says it’s my weak lungs. I do have asthma, hypothyroid, and bipolar disorder as well as anxiety. I’m 45. Some say I might have some rosacea now too but that hasn’t been diagnosed yet by any doctor. I did have redness and a light rash but I was able to cure that with Aquaphor and a healing balm.

But the orange peel skin on my cheeks is still there if not a little worse.

Can anything improve my condition? I’m so miserable about the look of my skin. Are there herbal remedies I can use to supplement treatment?

Anything that could help me understand this condition, how to fix it and what I should do myself (food, herbs or anything) would be much appreciated.


Your acupuncturist, who is most deeply familiar with your medical history, would be the right person to ask these questions to. What have they recommended and how long have you been going?

Your acupuncturist should be able to offer herbal recommendations, dietary recommendations and anything else that will be supportive of what they see as your diagnosis in Chinese Medicine terms.


You can try applying a facial mask of egg white and honey. The honey helps smooth the skin while the egg white helps to tighten it. Apply for 30 minutes to an hour each day and make sure to wash your face both before and after.

Try to minimize topical chemicals like lotions, makeup, etc. You should also probably look into organic soaps or ones that have a minimum of chemical ingredients.


I started going in February and went for two months to stop asthma attacks I was having. For my recent condition he suggested going 3-5 times so I just did my 5th session in 2 weeks and then will return once a month in the future. So far like I said the orange peel skin is the same although I’ve got some of the rash and redness under control, but that was accomplished through some ointments I have. He says it takes time to see results in the orange peel skin condition. He says maybe like in a month. He says first the lungs repair, then they control the regrowth of the skin. Although today for my last session he wasn’t quite as encouraging, he said to try to return before I have problems. He doesn’t really do herbs so he doesn’t have recommendations for me on that so I’m open to hearing what someone thinks would be good. I will be trying some doDeterra essential oils (a mixture of eucalyptus, frankincense and lemon oil) to help me breathe in the meantime which he thought sounded ok. You breathe them in to improve lung function. As for food he mentioned not drinking cold liquids and eating my protein earlier in the day, around lunch. I’ve read elsewhere that in Chinese medicine chicken is recommended and broccoli and carrots so I’ve been eating that.
–Do you think my treatment plan sounds like it will work? My five sessions, essential oils for breathing, then back in a month for maintenance? Do you agree that the lungs control the skin and that my skin condition is caused by weak lungs?
–He recommended some self-massage but he says that takes years before it has effect.
–And is there any place you’d recommend me learning more?


Thank you for your suggestion.


I’ve had a bad reaction to honey. It made my face go red. Is there an alternative to honey for the smoothing effect?


Sorry the honey/eggwhite mixture is all I know of. As for the lung system governing the skin, yes that is correct however any skin issue is not necessarily a defacto condition of the lungs. I’d trust your acupuncturist in that they know what they’re doing for your case.

You could look up microneedling. I know it is more commonly used for cosmetic aspects of skin care though I don’t know whether it would be appropriate for you or not. You can read more on pore size and things that affect that here.


Thanks so much. I tried it today and mixed with egg white the mixture the
honey didn’t irritate my face. I’ll use it daily. How long does it take
to begin to show improvement? And how long does microneedling take to
work? I did buy a microneedle so I could try that as well.


The facial mask takes ~2 months. I can’t tell you how long the microneedling would take, you would need to find someone who is trained on that to ask. The other thing to keep in mind is that there may well be a strong role of your genetics at play which no treatment (to date anyway) is going to be able to counter.


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