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Online Class in Acupuncture


I am residing in India. Have learned little acupuncture. Would like to continue studies online. Is there a possibility?


I’m not sure of the legal requirements for practice in India, but in most parts of the world you need years of in person instruction along with monitored clinical practice. So from that perspective, no, you cannot learn online.

The underlying theories of acupuncture requires years of dedicated study to apply properly. While technically you could read all of the main texts, discuss some questions online, take a few video courses, etc. and get much of the information you need. You wouldn’t get the clinical practice. For that I would suggest you find an acupuncturist who works in your area and ask them if you can follow them around for a day once a week or so and observe. If they feel like you understand the theory and are comfortable with you and local regulations allow it they might allow you to start as an apprentice which would give you the guided clinical practice that all practitioners need.


We dont have an Acupuncturist here in Kerala who can teach us about TCM patterns.There are quite a number who do clinical practice including me after taking an MD in Acupuncture. But we, I feel have not gone through many of the topics listed in your very valuable website. Even with the FIVE SHU points we are getting very good results and we are able to practice Acupuncture with the treated diseases not reappearing.

We have a unique way of arriving at selecting a ONE Five Shu point with one touch of the Earth Element Pulse and this ONE TOUCH at one point even without a needling works wonders. Ah of course your SHEN should be very spiritual.

I’m so interested in getting an ONLINE Course into the pathology of Acupuncture. Can you please help me?


My other answer is still the same - read all of the main texts, ask more specific questions in the forum as your experience grows, etc. If you want online courses there is nothing stopping you, in most cases, from taking an online CEU (continuing education) courses even though you wouldn’t need or get the continuing education credits.

You can see our recommended texts, the most common would be (in this order) - the web that has no weaver,, giovanni Foundations of Chinese Medicine, giovanni The practice of Chinese Medicine, then Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion.

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