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Ongoing Breathing issues

What can I do for lung issues? I’ve been ill since December. I’m under treatment from a primary care physician and for the last three weeks I have gone to a Chinese Medicine Clinic. They currently have me taking Zhi Sou San and Minor Bupleurum Formula. I have a wet cough that was originally diagnosed as Bronchitis in February and then asthma (which I haven’t experienced in 18 years). The most recent Chinese medications finally helped me start coughing up sputum. It was orange and the doc diagnosed me with pneumonia. Is there anything you’d recommend long term to a) counter prescription medication side effects and b) heal the heat issues causing my lung issues?
Thank you!

Just from the little information provided it looks like you are being given the correct formulas for now from your current practitioners (the ones best suited to help you vs. someone online who cannot have detailed conversations with you and/or physically inspect you). Keep in mind that Chinese Medicine treatment is a moving/live process, so as some symptoms change/improve you will likely need different formulas until things are fully resolved. Accordingly, you should be following along with your current practitioners and as you do they will likely change the formulas over time and, ideally, get you not just past the illness but stronger than before to avoid future issues.

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