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One side symptoms


I’m really grateful for all the answers it’s a great help while studying TCM.
For the last few years I ve been experiencing any sickness symptoms only on one side of the body. Every time I get sinusitis, oxalate build up in the urinary track, sore throat…-it’s always only on my left side. My left side is weaker and my breast on the left side is also smaller that the right one. Is it a coincidence?


No that is quite common for people to describe. There are a host of explanations in TCM terms, but generally some people appear to be weaker on one side. Some time it is simply over using their dominant side, but it is rarely that clear.


In terms of physical features almost everyone has differences between the two sides, from breast size to foot/leg length to the size of the muscle(s). It is also very common that in clinical practice you see people where one side is either significantly worse or the condition exists on one side only. Now in school you’ll learn the left side is yin and the right side is yang and you might expect there would be some correlation to various health conditions however in my own practice I would say that is more an exception than the norm.

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