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Olfactory nerve death


Some months ago I had an abcessed tooth (upper left side of jaw) treated with injections of calcium hidroxide. Soon thereafter my olfactory nerves "died".

Is the relationahip between the nerve damage and the calcium hidroxide injections likely a coincidence? How about the tooth abcess and the nerve damage?

I was told by a specialist that the damage to the olfactory nerve was irrersible. Consequently I have no sense of smell or tast of flavors.

Should I take "irreversible" as the final word?




You should see an acupuncturist and receive treatment as soon as humanly possible. Acupuncture is very often used to help nerve damage from any number of causes and generally speaking the earlier you receive treatment the better the prognosis. If you have say 5-8 treatments and nothing has changed then perhaps the change is more permanent. While there may be some more significant damage, it is rare that the sensitivity, etc. will not at least improve somewhat.


Olfactory nerves still continue to grow throughout life, you should seek help to try to recover as much as possible, and help assist further growth. Acupuncture can assist with this.


This is chemical material damage olfactory nerves, don&#39t delay, go see a professional M.D. check in detail immediately.


I was seen by the best MD in San Diego. He said the damage was irreversible.

Why do you say it is "chemical material damage". The treatment used by the dentist is standard procedure for treating an abcessed tooth. Could that material have killed the olfactory nerves?


If it had happened shortly after your dentist treatment I would check on that. Did you tell the MD that you had the dental treatment? If not, I would go back and let him know about it but if you have already done so and he couldn&#39t find any link between the damage and the treatment then I would recommend you try acupuncture to see if it can help you recover some and/or continue with growth.


Thank you.

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