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Old injury - wind


I’m a student of TCM and a friend of mine told me about his old injury. More than 20 years ago he was hit by a car - his chest was inured. He recovered and had no problems with his health. The only thing that wonders him is his chest weakness that comes and goes accordingly to the weather. When he is tired and it’s windy, he experiences a slight discomfort in the right lung area and he his upper body strength is weaker. His lungs are ok, the wondering thing is the wind affecting his chest. How can it be understood in TCM theory?



To sum it up in TCM the outside weather affects our inside ‘weather’. So for an interior wind pathology, exterior wind is likely to make it worse. As another example arthritis is usually considered an accumulation of damp and cold, which explains why many people with arthritis have flare ups with storms and in colder weather.

It is not that uncommon that old injuries, which seemingly healed up fine, begin to express pain years down the road. Physical injury can result in energetic scar tissue i.e. a small stagnation that interferes with the smooth flow of the qi. Over the years, that tiny stagnation slows gets bigger and at some point it becomes big enough to disturb the flow of the qi, which then in turns results in the manifestation of pain.

The body is pretty good about regulating the flow of qi, even with said stagnation in place. Wind disruptions the flow of qi, and therefore can act to overwhelm the body’s ability to stay regulated, which in turn then manifests as pain. Hope that helps.

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