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Oedema to lower leg from injury



I am a student Acupuncturist learning this great art of healing.
I have a question about oedema of the leg which has been caused by injury about a year and a half ago block of wood fallen on her leg and foot. The patient is very active and fit, she has had this swelling of the left lower leg for a year and a half now and has tried everything to assist in getting the swelling down from massage to acupuncture to naturopaths. When looking at the site it is not hot or cold, it is swollen to look at and fluid like to touch also with no pain on palpation of the area. It is located around KI 7 SP6 area. It is painful when standing for a long time or when she does exercise for a long time like hiking.

Her spleen and stomach pulse is deficient as well as her Kidney yang pulse for an active and healthy person who is of early 30’s, her tongue is slightly swollen with a normal coat.

Can you suggest a treatment I could do for her


Her tongue and pulse are somewhat irrelevant in the case of acute injury, but they are still considered. What, exactly, have you (or others) done acupuncture wise (points, technique, duration, etc.) and what, if any, change has happened.

Generally speaking acute injuries like that that likely bruise the bone, damage tendons and vessels can take quite some time to heal - so 1.5 years or longer is not unlikely if the injury was significant and she hasn’t given the injury time to heal and has continued exercising on it.


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