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Ocular migraine in TCM


How does TCM view ocular migraine ( visual disturbance without pain) and how would you treat it?


By using the word “view” it’s clear that you to some degree understand that Chinese Medicine has a different set of diagnostic procedures from which treatments are based. Yet your question is still fundamentally asking an unanswerable question in pure Chinese Medicine terms. I suggest you start by reading “What Does Acupuncture Treat? Treating the Cause vs. the Symptoms” to better understand the importance of pattern diagnosis in TCM. The short of it is there is no treatment for any western condition, period. You treat what is unique to that individual by coming to their diagnosis in pure Chinese Medicine terms.

Our headache treatments section has some of the more common patterns and some technical descriptions of certain point protocols that would provide a base to treatment that would then be tailored further to the individual.

Even from a western perspective the term ocular migraine provides no value to what you would actually treat. There can be cervical involvement, vascular issues, local issues, sinus problems, etc. Even within the linear confines of western medicine, truly helping someone would involve figuring out on a deeper level what is happening.

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