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Occasional lower left foot discomfort


Hi. Is there anything I can do myself to eliminate an occasional lower left foot issue? it feels stiff in towards the ankle. i've tried stretching for 15 - 20 minutes, but this doesn't work. I have purchased a cupping system to help. please advise. thanks!


When you say that stretching doesn&#39t work - do you mean it has absolutely no effect whatsoever or do you mean that it only helps for awhile? (and, if so, how long and to what degree exactly) - What side of the ankle hurts and what is the pain like (dull, sharp, etc.) and what makes it worse?

My first, rather obvious, recommendation would be to see an acupuncturist in your area instead of trying to treat yourself, particularly when conventional methods such as stretching do not appear to be working. While cupping can be used on the extremities, it is generally best for treating the back and certain types of local issues and self-treatment even for those who understand the medicine is generally a bad idea.

You also checked the box for diabetes type I, does this mean you have this as well? Is the pain neuropathy related?


This should be Qi and Blood stag., you can self massage your lower left leg&#39s muscle, special points is Gb34, Ub57, 62 and 63 with Kd3 and 6.

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