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What points can be added in the treatment to obesity, except:


Auriculo: ShenMen,Stomach,Hunger



st21,st24,st40,sp15,sp10,4 gates.


Auricular points:

shen men, hunger, mouth, small intestin, sinthesis point (Nogier).


Good points are:

St 35, St 36, St 44, St 40Sp 9, Sp 6, Sp 15 CV 13, Cv 12


Sp 11.

If are nausea add: Pericardium 6.

Best regards.



I feel that good points for obesity are better found by looking at it in a more comprehensive way. First, sticking to treating the persons overall diagnostic pattern and not a pseudo-symptom of obesity. And that coupled with trying to understand the causal factors from both a Chinese side (the dx pattern) and from a western side (emotional issues, thyroid problems, hormonal issues, poor lifestyle, etc.). Trying to reduce something as complicated as weight issues to a simple point protocol will not lead to very good results in my opinion.


I'm in the field of alt.nat. Med for past 23 yrs. It's very much isefull


The best point are:

st40, st36, ren12, st25, li11, sp9, sp6, k3


The underlying waterly swollen is not only Spleen Qi deficiency, it is also spleen Yang deficiency, so the body&#39s Yang energy is too weak can not against body Yin energy, cause body waterly swollen, for the Spleen Yang deficiency formula: Shi Pi Yin can tonify spleen Yang, drain the water out of body. Normally for Spleen yang deficiency sympton is Tongue blend, with white slippery coat, pusle is deep slow or deep weak, and face is dry yellow shows very tired, cold limbs, urination is short and little, alway diarrhea, specially water swollen under waist. Points: Ub20, 23, Ren9, 4, Kd7, St 36. if face swollen add Du26, if feet swollen add Gb41, Sp5.


Thanks for giving insights into water retention caused by Spleen Qi and Yang deficiency, that together cause obesity. However, would it also not be caused by excess adipose tissue? Will deficiency of Yang Humidity also cause accumulation of adipose tissue? Would mental tendencies of people would also become such that they keep accumulating worthless items and not agreeing to dispose off old accumulated and unused items! Body Mass Index (BMI) may also be high if proteins are high building too much muscle mass. Even heavy frame with big bones (earth element) may be the reason for high BMI. Would all such causes of obesity be treated by Yang humidity and Qi deficiency tone up?


For BMI is not totally cause by Spleen deficiency. Food and Water go into Stomach, the Spleen is to turn the waterly part to whole body, like river turn the water away, if the river channel is weak( deficiency), the water will stay in stoamch area mixed with other thing cause dampness obesity, but body oil fat may also cause by other reasons, if just eat without sports exercise, it will become obestiy. And emotion not steady, that is Liver Qi stagnation, it will effect Spleen Qi deficiency and cause dampness obestiy.


Thanks Feng!

I was given to understand that for each energy there is a different mental state. Wind - Anger; Heat - joy & satisfaction; Humidity - sticky and tendency to accumulate, Dryness - agony and Coldness - indifference etc. Yes, irritabilty is certainly wind and after your suggestion, I do understand that in the root of humidity there can be chronic wind (irritable nature) also!

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