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OB/GYN Issues - What to Expect at first visit?


I will be seeing an acupuncturist for the first time this week for a gynecological problem. What type of exam should I expect? Do they do a gynecological exam or do they just ask questions and look at your tongue and check pulse?



Hello Tumpn,

While there may be differences between individual practitioners (and some who are RN's or MD's), it is extremely unlikely that you will be given a gynecological exam before your acupuncture treatment. This is largely because acupuncturists use a completely different framework and sets of signs and symptoms to diagnose your condition in TCM terms. You may be asked specific questions about your condition, such as specific colors of discharge (if any), colors/amounts/qualities, etc. of your menstrual blood, along with other general health questions - but a physical exam in the way that they might be conducted by a western doctor is generally not part of the diagnostic/intake process.

Your first acupuncture treatment usually involves the following:

1. A Health History Intake Form - detailed questions about your lifestyle, health issues, etc.
2. A detailed discussion of your intake form and specific questions about yourself and your health issues (see the "ten questions").
3. Then an acupuncturist may check your Tongue and/or Pulse
4. Along with the Tongue and Pulse, acupuncturists use a variety of other techniques including checking various acupuncture points/areas for pain or tenderness and looking at general qualities of your face, body structure, etc.

I hope this helps to answer your question. I'm sure you will find your first treatment enjoyable. Please report back to us on your experiences for the benefit of others with similar questions.

Yin Yang House Acupuncture & Energy Healing Clinic

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