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Oats Granola Bar


I started making homemade Oats Granola Bar with almond (honey, molasees sugar) - bake in oven. From TCM point of view this ingredienst seem good, but the granola bar is eaten at room temperature and is dry would it be bad for the spleen ?

I will be eating them as tea time snack

Pls advise , thank you


There are -no- hard and fast rules within TCM dietary therapy. All things in moderation and with respect to both the season and your personal level of imbalances at the time of eating can be fine or harmful depending.

The general ideas of the spleen and foods that help and/or bother it are discussed in my article - "My Spleen in What?". There are some more details in my tcm dietary therapy section.

But to answer your question, unless you eat too much and/or you have a tremendously weak spleen already, some home made oat bars with tea is not going to be much of a problem.


Thanks Chad for the quick reply. Will take note on that.

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