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Nystagmus, albinism and acupressure


Hi, I have a 4.1/2 month old daughter who was diagnosed with Nystagmus, a month ago. The PO also said she looks ‘mildly albino’ no confirmed diagnosis yet. I am takiMy her to an acupuncture specialist who is treating her with color and magnet Therapy and aculaser and we have seen a lot of improvement in her Nystagmus. Will this treatment also help the poor eyesight that is associated with Nystagmus/albinsim or just control the eye movement. I am very worried about my
Baby’s eyesight.


In theory, yes. But there are a few different versions of albinism that contain varying levels of chromosomal change. So the more severe versions may notice less change. Even with the chromosomal influences, however, you acupuncture can help limit the lack of melanin production by supporting the other factors that decrease it (hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, etc.). And in the milder cases, I’m sure acupuncture can be quite helpful.


Well atleast the Nystagmus has slowed down quite a bit in just one month of treatment. I’m hoping and praying that the PO was wrong about the albinism. I think her case is mild, coz no one believes me when I say shes albino. She has light brown hair and fair complection and green eyes, all of which run in the family.

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