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Nutrition for zangfu


Would anyone happen to have any idea what herbs/foods feed nutrition wise the 5 elements. Supplements for fire, water, ec cetra? With western herbs. that would feed the yang and yin organs wouldn’t it? Zang and fu.


Start with our tcm five element dietary therapy section.


From the booklet, The Five Phases of Food: How to Begin 2nd ed., by John W. Garvy, Jr., N.D., D.Ac.


LI/GB: gonads
H/SI: pituitary
SP/ST: thymus
L/LI: thyroid
K/BL: adrenal


LI/GB: Vit A & B-2; copper & iron

H/SI: Vit B-3, B-5 & C; potassium & sodium

SP/ST: Vit B-1 & B-6; manganese & zinc

L/LI: Vit E; phosphorus

K/BL: Vit D; magnesium & calcium.

I hope this is helpful. It certainly has been for me, over the years. This booklet was published in 1985.


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