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Number of Chakras Used


I just wanted to get some feedback from the practitioners on the site. Do you work with the 7 chakras only in your bodywork? Or, do you add any of the other chakras in your work?


In particular I _always_ focus on grounding. Donna Eden calls a procedure she developed "opening the vortex revival" which is basically working with the chakra on the bottom of the feet. When this does not have an open flow very little yin energy can enter the body, and then the yang energy doesn&#39t exit. Both are important factors in grounding.


I like to finish with a flow through the bottom of the feet connected to the top of the head, Du 20. I usually collapse this bubble back to Ren 6 at the end. I thread the qi and let it push back on the tiger points in the palms, pc 8. Pushing Qi through is stuck if it is not open and flowing so it serves as a control of error. I find working slowly down through each major and some minor chakras opens it up if it is stuck. I usually pick on a place where it flows well and move from there.

Have you applied this to edema? Or what kinds of problems do you apply it to?


Mostly I notice lack of grounding when clients mention obsessive thinking, attention deficit disorder as well as adhd, a weak aura, high levels of sensitivity, difficulty letting go of emotions. I rarely hear complaints of edema, but it makes sense that grounding would be helpful. Mostly with edema I think about electrolyte balance and wonder if there&#39s too much sodium intake.


I end my reflexology sessions by energizing the 7 chakras through the feet, and sometimes acupressure points associated with the meridians and the Strange Flows. I believe and sense that any minor or higher chakras are influenced by the "total field" approach that I use... and that it is a gentle way to nudge open stuck spots that might cause chaos if approached too directly.

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