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Numb/cramping Pain spreading throughout right side of the body


Submitted By: TheSpace


I wanted to make a thread concerning an issue a friend of mine has. She is a girl, 24 years old, and she is an artist (painter)

Her problem starts in the face (cheek to be more exact) and the numbing sensation is like that from local anesthesia. Than it starts to spread to the neck, and feels like its cramping, she feels it deep in her bones, specially where different musles connect.

Than it goes on the shoulder blade, ribs, arm, hand and recently the leg.

She also says that one teeth is giving her troubles, but that it doesn't hurt, instead it itches or is numb (SHE NEVER HAD ANY TEETH TROUBLES BEFORE, the first time she experienced this issues she went to a dentist and they drilled a small hole, but all her other teeth are 100% natural, never tempered with)

This all starts when she sits to much in the same position, or is typing on the keyboard or when painting something delicate so the arm remains under same position for prolonged time and is tense.

Is this something acupuncture can fix? Have any of you seen something similar in the past? She seems very scared and is crying often because of this, she thinks it will ruin her career because when the pain starts it doesn't stop until she sleeps it over.


Nearly any pain condition will respond well to acupuncture so she should definitely try 4-7 treatments to see how she does. This sounds like either trigeminal neuralgia with associated neck and muscle tension and/or cervical disk problems. Either way acupuncture ideally along with tuina and cupping should work very well for her.


The above condition can be treated by acupuncture and will exorience improvement in 5 treatments. The recommended acupuncture points are GB42, TW5, ST5, Si19 and Li4.

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