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Non-Cancerous Kidney Tumor & others


I don’t know if my questions belong in this forum, but I do truly believe in Chinese medicine as an alternative to traditional medicine of today. I’d like to know if there’s any type of herbal remedy or fruit that can be used/eaten to remedy things like kidney tumors, arthritis pains in joints & for permanent weight loss. I’ve tried just about every medicine available to me that I could afford but nothing works to my satisfaction. Please advise as to what I can try without spending a lot of money.


You should never attempt Chinese Medicine herbal treatment by yourself. Consulting directly with a practitioner in your area will yield the best results. Long story short Chinese herbal formulas are more like moving targets than fixed protocols. A practitioner working with you will likely change and/or slightly modify your formula over many months to work with your body as you heal internally and your symptoms improve. Trying to do regular single herbs and supplements are going to generally be a huge waste of money.


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