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No Problem But a Problem



I have started looking for alternative therapies when i was diagnosed depression by a alopathic doctor but i did not follow his prescriptions. I used acupressure and gained great comfort to my depression and anxiety.

It is kind of tough going living with anxiety and depression because very small things can become too difficult all of a sudden.

One thing that combine with my depression and anxiety is, i feel stiffness in my jaws, grinding in the teeth, pain in the left side of the chest, heaviness in the head, burning and heaviness in the eyes and when i feel that kind of condition i find it hard to sleep. Doctor have done all kinds of tests with me and could not find anything wrong and he said nothing wrong with you. I do regular meditation, breathing exercises. One thing i want to know, how Chinese medicine see this and what kind of things i can do to get this to normal.



I'm glad to hear that the point suggestions for acupressure have been helpful. Hopefully you are massaging the points I recommended in my last response (particularly the sides of the neck, and the C2 area of the spine). These will help to open the nerves that control the face, jaw, etc. Points such as PC 6 should help to open the chest.

Generally the heavy head, heavy chest, from a pure TCM perspective, is either what we call excessive dampness and/or qi stagnation. The dampness can be helped with acupuncture and often some dietary changes and the qi stagnation is helped with acupuncture and movement (both physically and emotionally).

We also have one herbal formula that may be helpful for you, since it sounds like you are not receiving acupuncture (which would be my personal preference). The formula is the CZ Herbal Formula. It is excellent for anxiety and stabilizes the mind without any side effects or narcotic overtones like some other herbal formulas and most western medicines for anxiety.


for depression or anxiety try Chinese Medicine: "Gan Mai Da Zao Tang" soup, made of : Dates, wheat and the root and stem of "Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch"(Gan Cao).

for hard to sleep try Chinese Medicine: "Suan Zao Ren Tang" soup or pills, made of the seeds of "Ziziphus jujuba Mill"(Suan Zao Ren), or you can buy it make a tea drink everynight before sleep.

Thank you


Feng Mei

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