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No menstruation for 15 year-old girl


Dear Yin-Yang House!

I have a 15 year-old girl and has no menstruation yet. We were at a dry blood analysis 5 years ago where were were told that she has damage to her reproductive organs, this is why she is so small (she was the smallest in her class), so extremely thin and does not show feminine curves. I started to study chinese medicine, where I learned that the kidneys are responsible for growing, maturing normally, and also for reproductivity, etc. SO I took her to acupuncture where the doctor told me that her kidneys are weak and that she will grow taller in 3 month - at that time we were concerned about her small size. She really did grow a lot and is growing since gradually :smile.
My questions are: how can I stimulate her kidneys not to make her extremely tall, but her menstruation to start ? I bought an electric acu-stimulator and found out that the machine does not detect ANY acupuncture point below and around her belly button, but especially no signs along her conception meridian below her belly. What can you suggest me?
Thank you very much!


I would take her back to the doctor who helped her in the first place and let them continue treatment. Acupuncture is really quite complicated to use properly and if she really had that many problems as a youth proper treatment would be crucial to her long-term development.

To answer your questions, however, you will not make her taller than her genes allow with acupuncture - it works with the body, not for it or against it - so you don’t have to worry about that. As for her cycle, it simply may not be ready to start yet, so I wouldn’t worry about that part too specifically.

For ongoing treatment the best would be to take her back to her original doctor and then ask them what you can do on a daily/weekly self-treatment basis to help her. Knowing her whole case, they can give better advice.

Not knowing her whole case, or you, I would think the safest most effective way to approach this would be with moxibustion - at ST 36, CV 4, CV 6 and KD 3 somewhat frequently - either daily or a few times per week.


Just a note about the electric acupuncture machines. They are not very reliable at all. I worked with several models while in school and most of them are useless. They will give very different readings depending on the wetness of the skin, the angle of the probe, the pressure you use, and so on. So that the machine did not detect any acupuncture points really does not mean anything at all, I suggest returning it if possible.

Food therapy can help as well. You could make bone marrow soups or just broth that she could drink a little of every single day. The marrow is very nourishing for the kidneys and may help support optimal growth and development. And don’t worry, like Chad said she won’t keep growing too tall, only as tall as she would naturally.


Thank you very much! I was convinced that the period has to Come until 14 latest, now that girls experience it by 12-13 nowadays. I try to relax.
Thank you!


Thank you Stephen! I try food therapy as well!


Most women will start their cycle between 9-15 years of age, although in about 5% of people it can be as late as 18. That said, this will vary by country, by diet and other factors. The average age of menarche has shortened by about 3-4 years in the last hundred years in the US, for example, so the range may be even wider. It is a serious consideration, but there are variables that make it hard to know when to consider it an issue.

That said, one Chinese study found that there were increased long term health risks that corresponded with menarche earlier then 14.5 years of age. So starting later may be a good thing in many cases…

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