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No luck after two miscarriages


After two miscarriages this year (one at 6.5 weeks and one at 9 weeks) for unexplained reasons, we have not been able to get pregnant again, and running out of time (I just turned 42).
The pregnancies were natural, and at the time I was not receiving acupuncture.
Since the last miscarriage, I have been seeing an acupuncturist specializing in fertility weekly, and receiving herbs from her as well. This has been over 4 months. We are getting frustrated why nothing is happening now, when before I was getting pregnant within 2-3 months of trying each time (though resulted in miscarriages).

I went to an RE who said the only option is IVF, which is too cost-prohibitive for us. But I did get back these blood tests from day 3 of the cycle:
FSH: 5.86 mIU/ml
LH: 6.32 mIU/ml
Estradiol: 64.26 pg/ml
Progesterone: 0.319 ng/ml
Anti-Mullerian Hormone: 1.50 ng/mL
Approximately 3 follicles seen on each ovary in the ultrasound

And everything else tested including thyroid and antibodies was normal too. I’m in very good health. The only thing “off” was I was found to have the MTHFR gene, but had already switched from folic acid to methyl-folate in my vitamin a few months ago. I have fairly normal/regular 26-27 day cycles, keep BBT tracked, and we have been timing intercourse well each time.

Any feedback or advice? We are losing hope with my age.


How long ago was your last miscarriage? After two in one year it takes time for the body to recover, possibly up to a year but at the least 3-6 months. While four months of treatment might seem like a long time it really isn’t especially given your situation. While age is a factor, that you were able to get pregnant naturally in the first place is in your favor.

If you are having concerns about your response to the acupuncture treatment you should be able to talk to your acupuncturist directly. They should be able to address any questions/concerns you have in much more detail.


Thank you – my last miscarriage was in late June, so over 5 months ago.


What herbs were you given and at what dosages?


Hi - for herbs, I’ve been given custom formulas for follicular phase and luteal phase. The ones I know were variations of Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, Wen Jing Tang, and Gui Zhi Fu Ling Wan. Plus another “follicular formula” she made with no name, just a big list of herbs in it including cyperus, alisma, discoria, poria, etc. I’m instructed to take 3 tablets 3 times a day. I also get acupuncture once a week, and prior to ovulation she’s been doing the treatments on my lower back. Also has instructed me to take NAC, l-argenine, multivitamin with methyl-folate.
The treatments have been since July/August.


We are getting very discouraged… I’m told my fertility blood test numbers above look good for my age, my issues “aren’t that bad”, have been to two different acupuncturists since May of this year (one from May-Aug and the current one since late Aug) yet am not even getting pregnant easily anymore like I was early in the year despite well-timed intercourse. My RE won’t do anything except IVF due to my age, but IVF is too cost prohibitive for us. We are thinking the last miscarriage I had 5 1/2 months ago where we saw a heartbeat first and everything looked great, was our last chance for having a child.


I can understand your frustration however from a TCM based clinical perspective I wouldn’t be all that concerned yet. You’re still within a time frame of recovery from the last miscarriage that while I understand can feel agonizing long is not strictly too long in context. My best advice is to give acupuncture another 3-4 months.


Just so I can get a clear picture, what herbs are you taking right now? And, even though you state you are in good health - what are your other issues besides fertility - besides the stress of this - do you sleep well and stay asleep at night? Are you generally warm or cool? Any nightsweats?

Any particular issues around ovulation and/or menstruation (PMS, spotting, etc.)? Besides shorter cycles - how regular have the last few been, any other changes since taking the herbs - more or less bleeding, etc. how many days do you bleed for?

How do you feel after you eat? - good, bloated, indifferent…, etc. Just basic things - but they mean a lot to us.

Part of why I’m asking (and I mean no judgement to the current practitioner because they could be spot on) is that the herbs seem possibly chosen more because they tend to be used in fertility cases than they are appropriate for you as an individual - the answers to those questions would help me a little in understanding the practitioners choices.


Hi - the herbs on now I named above, they change depending on what cycle day I’m on (follicular formula from approx. days 5-14 and luteal from days 15 till period).

I mostly sleep well, but have some times I wake during the night and my current acupuncturist thinks is from the stress of this.
For the last 8-9 months (before starting acupuncture) I’ve had a lot of morning fatigue, to the point on some days I just have to go back to sleep for another hour or so after getting up to get everyone off for the day. Some months are better than others.

With menstruation I’m having large clots in the blood, which seemed to have started within a few months after having an IUD removed late last year, not sure if that’s just coincidentai. Since acupuncture treatment the menstrual cramps are very minimal, but I am still having large clots. Bleeding is always about 5 days, no changes. I used to have breast pain with PMS, but that has mostly subsided.

No feeling one way or the other after eating. Sometimes a lot of stomach gurgling though. Both my acupuncturists said they see some dampness, and weakened spleen, kidney. I follow the dietary suggestions of limited cold food/drink, not too much raw.

For probably a decade I’ve had cold feet/toes. Only cold hands in the cold months, but feet are sensitive to cold almost all the time.
For the last 3-4 years, had night sweats around my period, especially sweaty on my chest to the point it wakes me.
For the last 6-7 months, have off and on lower back pain, which is something I used to never have in previous years.

First miscarriage was in early February, second was in late May, and started acupuncture in May.


Hi - any additional feedback?


Thanks for checking back in. No, I think everything looks ok as far as the herbs go. It’s a little hard to tell for certain without knowing all of the exact doses but it seems to match up with the picture I can get from the forum discussion at least. If your cycles have gotten smoother that is a good response to the treatments and probably means things are on track. Just hang in there for another couple months with your current practitioner and see how things turn out.


Thank you for the feedback!

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