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Night time peeing!


Just wondering if acupuncture can help- often, within minutes of going to bed, I will have to get up again to go pee! This is after already going pee before I get in bed. I will then be up to the bathroom anywhere from 2-5 more times before morning. It doesn’t seem to matter if I drink anything in the evening or not. I can drink nothing, and it will still happen. Needless to say, I am always tired!
FYI - I don’t wake up because I have to pee, I pretty much toss and turn all night. I wake up and then my body says, well, since you’re awake, might as well go pee!


I’m assuming you are asking for yourself and this is in addition symptoms wise to your other issues. Generally speaking nighttime urination is a kidney system issue in Chinese Medicine - see “My Kidneys are What?” for more on what that system means. With particular regard to my answer to your other question - the kidney system controls various hormonal aspects, overall vitality, and much more. More than likely by properly addressing your deepest imbalances correctly you will see positive changes in all of these issues together.


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