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Night body aches


Hi ,
I am 61 years young. My height is 5/9 and weight 180 lb. I am an active person and in good health. I am living with my wife and have two children . They both are happily married and living with their family and my grandchildren. Both my wife and I are happily married and both working.
Question: for the last 8 or 9 month, I have been suffering of body aches at night. During day time , I do not have any symptoms. As matter of fact, my aches b
eggings around 8 or 9 pm. At about 6 am it disappears. My diet consit of salmon, vegetables, rise, beans, a lot of water, no dairy products, etc. I do move my bowel at least once a day. Often solid with no smell. Medina brown in coloer. Tongue tooth Mark on the side and light pink in color. Any suggestions?


Where exactly are the body aches and on a scale of 1-10 how strong are they? Do they vary where they are and/or in their intensity? Does it wake you up from sleep?

Have you had blood work and a general physical from your western medicine doctor recently? If so, was anything off on your bloodwork? If not, you should…

Generally speaking this would often speak to some type of electrolyte imbalance, but there are a number of things, some serious, some not, that could do this as well. Have you consulted with an acupuncturist in your area? If not, again, I would recommend that. There is only so much that be accomplished online with regards to Chinese Medicine.


Hi Chad,

Thanks for your fast response

On my last cplete medical exam,

The only negative found was my bad colleteral was up by some 50 points. My vitamins and minerals we’re within the normal range.

During my visit to the western doctor, he completed a physical on me. Said my pain could be from my mattress or muscle spasm. He prescribed meds for it.

It got better, but I discontinued on my on. Was afraid of other side effects.

As far from 1-10, varies from 4 to 7.

Hope this can help.



What medication were you on? Muscle relaxers? And by “better”, were the aches completely gone, partially gone, or just mildly improved?


Muscle relaxer. The pain was completely gone.


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