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Hi Guys and Girls, I am new on this community and I would just like to know your say with regards to Tinnitus. I mean have you ever cured such problem.

I do like to hear your thoughts. Please do share.

Cheers and Happy posting :)


When the underlying mechanisms leading to tinnitus from a Chinese Medicine perspective are properly diagnosed and treated tinnitus can be completely resolved. For related patterns and protocols, see acupuncture for tinnitus. For all other related information, click on the tinnitus link created below your post to be taken to our tinnitus information page.


I agree with Chad, as long as the diagnosis is correct it can be completely resolved. In general a low pitched ringing tends to be a deficiency and high pitch is an excess condition, and usually the chronic low pitched tinnitus takes longer to treat. I have heard really great things about cranial sacral work helping to treat tinnitus as well.

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