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New to this but fascinated



I am new to acupuncture, just starting studying and loving it.

I myself just had treatment done and have questions regarding my reaction.

I present with IBS issues and was diagnosed liver Qi stagnation, spleen stomach Qi deficiency.

First treatment, very few points used and no reaction, just felt good.

Second treatment many points used including LI, Spleen, Liver, Stomach to name a few. For the last two days since the treatment chronic diarrhea and anxiety. Body feels like it is racing. is this a common reaction as energy flow improves?

Are there points I can use to settle this reaction down?




No a racing feeling is generally not good. I would, however, not read into too much after a treatment or two it may not be related. If that sensation continues after 3 or 4 treatments, however, I would bring it up directly with your practitioner.

Self-help/acupressure wise you can try PC 6, HT 7 and/or LV 3 to help ease and descend the energy calming you down. PC 6 is good for digestive problems, emotional issues and palpitations, etc., HT 7 is similar but stronger emotionally and LV 3 helps to descend energy and resolve stagnation which is often in part related to IBS issues to begin with.


It has been my experience that sometimes things get a little worse before they get better. I have seen this in about 5-10% of my cases. Usually it happens when someone comes in complaining of pain where their symptoms are exacerbated either that day or the next. Once this passes they report that they feel markedly better than they did before they recived thae acupuncture treatment. The way I see it is that this indicates a process of the body unwinding and the channels reopening, which I guess can be a little uncomfortable at first. Your reaction, however, is a little different in that you were not being treated for pain. I would definitely suggest communicating your experience to your acupuncturist. There is a definite chance, of course, that your symptoms are completely unrelated to the acupuncture.

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