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Neuron Motor Disorder


Greetings to all.

Thank you for giving me a chance to be with Yin and yang House.

We have a woman friend suffering from Neuron Motor Disease. Now, she can't talk easily and her voice is sluggy. It is hard for her to raise her hands, feels pain from neck to lower limbs.

Her medical diagnosis is Neuron Motor Disorder which according to some articles has no cure yet.

Giving her acupunture treatment, back-shu points of the lungs, heart, liver, spleen and kidney, and also B17 the influential point of the blood together with leg points of St36, Sp6 and 9, Kd3, and on the head, the Du20, and Yintang.

Later, I have read the post of Mr. Chad about NMD, Huato Jiaji and other useful points and we are trying to apply to her.

Thinking that combining herbal therapy with acupuncture will help better, I tried to find some, and read about Modified Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang and Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan.

Are these two formulas the same? Can we reccomend this for her. Could you please give more info and advice about this problem?


Repectfully yours,

Roegelio Chavez


First, some general information about the terms in herbal medicine:

tang = tea or generally formula

san = tea or generally formula

wan = ball (pill) or generally formula

pian = tablet or generally formula

So, bu zhong yi qi (tang, wan, san, pian) - is the same thing.

Now to give a recommendation on herbal medicine you have to have an extremely precise diagnosis from a Chinese Medicine perspective (i.e. derived from tongue, pulse symptoms, etc.). As the backdrop of many autoimmune conditions (not all, but many) is kidney yin deficiency in my experience you have to be careful with tonics in many people. But this is where the diagnosis is crucial. If you are choosing bu zhong yi qi wan simply because it says it can be used for weak limbs and fatigue this is the entirely wrong reason to choose an herbal formula.

If you see our page for bu zhong yi qi wan you will see it can be used with spleen and/or lung qi deficiency (among other patterns, out site primarily has basic information). If the patient for example has nightsweats, a red tongue coating and a stripped tongue coating (all signs of kidney yin deficiency) - this formula would make them worse. If, however, they have a diagnosis of spleen deficiency, yes, it could be useful.


Dear Mr. Chad,

Thank you very much Sir. I&#39ve learn so much with your reply and input.

I have to tell the patient, Melinda, to set aside her plan to buy the formula Modified Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang, until after her TCM diagnosis.

Your recommendation is worth saving life.


Respectfully yours,

Rogelio Chavez

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