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Hello all,

Has anyone had any success in treating Neurofibromatosis?

I have a knew client who has a two year old boy diagnosed with the genetic desease Neurofibromatosis. I am wondering what is known about treating this condition with acupuncture and whether it is possible to do preventative treatment to slow down the developement of symptoms in a child.

I haven't seen the child so I can't give any further information in terms of a TCM diagnosis.

Any information is most appreciated.

Thank you.


There are many ways to approach treatment of a patient.

Approach 1: Symptoms related

Often there is pain, tremors, muscular atropy, stiffness of muscles: so treat these. First reduce the pain. Patient will start believing in u. When u stop the tremors patient and care givers will start to trust their therapist. Next treat muscle stiffness and atrophy (SuJok standard correspondence system is great for this)

Approach 2: Root cause related

Neurofibromatosis means neuro (nerves), fibro (muscle fibres) are both affected. Local site related treatment is also required. So strengthen immune system, CNS, PNS, and ANS ... so also strengthen the Liv/GB which are in charge of mucles & tendons.

Do inform us about your progress. This takes time maybe 3 to 6 months --- at every stage the quality of life of the patient improves. In your case its a small child so i expect the cure to be very fast.

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