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Nervous weakness in old age


Hi… My father is 76 old age person and he is diabetic patient since 2002 and recently he is suffering from severe weakness problem and he is unable ot walk and looking very depressed. Doctors suspected that he has water in the brain. We are very much tensed and what to do in this juncture can we advise in alternative medicine so that we can relieve from this problem immediately. Awaiting responce from your end. Thanks…


I’m sorry, but with such a condition with serious and chronic underlying conditions you will need to find a practitioner in your local area to seek proper treatment. Technically there are acupuncture and herbal treatments for hydrocephalus but they would depend greatly on the persons diagnosis in Chinese Medicine terms and their other health conditions. There is very little that can be offered generally.

If, however, you can get an appropriate diagnosis from the western medicine side - not suspicions, then I might be able to guide your further.

Generally you try to treat the deeper symptoms, so our acupuncture for diabetes page may be helpful.

A base or a guide towards a general protocol for hydrocephalus might look like: GV 20, Sishencong, GV 17, GB 20, CV 9, CV 3, SP 9, SP 6, KD 7, GV 14, UB 32, ST 36.

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