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Nephrotic syndrome


Hi how to treat my son’s nephrotic syndrome please


In order to help you, you will need to provide a lot more information… How old is your son, what specific health issues does he have, and for how long. What does his blood work indicate? Any history of infections?, of cancer?, etc.


My son 8year old had swallow legs face local doctor diagnosis nephrotic he had prednisolone for about 4 month after 3 weeks relapse and doctor said we have to back on prednisolone we already on 5th day with 40mg a day but protein in urine still high


You’ll have to answer the other questions… What issues did he have -before- the kidney issues started. What else, if anything, shows up in his blood work? Prednisone will raise blood sugar levels and this can increase protein levels. This is why it is absolutely crucial that your doctors find out —why— he has nephrotic syndrome, not —that— he has nephrotic syndome. Nephrotic syndrome can show up in someone with diabetes, for example, then giving them high doses of prednisone can lead to bad outcomes. In short nephrotic syndrome is an issue or an outcome so to speak, not a diagnosis per se. Possible causes include cancer, lupus, immune problems, hepatitis, infections such as strep throat, medications, and physical kidney issues. Your son will do better if you can find out why he has these issues. This is something your doctors will have to do. Chinese Medicine can, possibly, be used once you know the true underlying diagnosis.

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