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Needling technique


Is there any literature on needing techniques , or video or with photo , about how to select size of needle & angle of it & dos & donts, if you recommending


If you do a youtube search you can find plenty of videos that discuss this. For the most part it comes down to practitioner preference.


I have already go threw youtube but can’t find much more please give link that you recommendations , thank you


I know that people generally want to think that acupuncture is simple. Just read about some points, put some needles in, etc. It just isn’t. In most countries the training is at least 3-4 straight years of medical training, theory, etc. And even that doesn’t begin to cover what people really need to know.

Ideally during and/or after their training they apprentice with another advanced practitioner (personally I spent 8 years outside of school with my “teacher”). The absolute best idea would be for you to find a practicing acupuncturist in your area and work with them - even if this means you travel a ways to do so.

Long story short, if it was a good idea for you to be treating people with acupuncture you wouldn’t be asking questions like this. And you certainly wouldn’t be learning anything off of youtube…

Now all that said - with an appreciation for people trying to learn and a appreciation that in parts of the world training is difficult to come by. You would always want to use even needling with .22mm x 25mm needles or smaller diameter and only insert about as far as the insertion tube will allow (don’t free needle without training!). That will get you a reasonable response without the possibility of hurting someone. Don’t use directions, don’t manipulate the needles, and don’t needle anywhere where you are not absolutely sure about the anatomy below.


I am a distance student , in first year , Gujarat , India . Acupuncture is not common here not the people even practitioners are too not much knowledge about all this , that I reading threw this site & your point of view . That encouraging me to learn much deeper. treating people well . actually I am a Islamic wet cupping (Hijama ) practitioner but for doing better to this , to serve better the people I decided to do this , I am not alone with my wife & children I cant travel or stay away for long time to my family . any way thank you for your support & I will try my best to be good in this thank you once again.


I’m an acupuncture student and just finished my second year of training. I’m officialy an acupuncturist as soon as I finished my third and latest year. But I also see that I only have a document, that say’s I’m ready to learn to practise when I finished my last year!!! Personally I think it is irrisponseble to think you can practise by only a training of distance learning!!! I don’t even understand why there even exists an education form like this! Acupuncture isn’t a study, but a “feeling”, a way of thinking, a way of life…I personnaly think: when you are becoming a good acupuncturist you understand that you don’t even “know” a little bit of the knowledge about helping people tot het balanced and heel themselves…you can’t learn it by distance!


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