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Needling of Du Meridian points on the spine


I have always needled points on the spine in an upwards direction, with a shallow insertion between the vertebrae. This is the way I was taught to needle over the spine. However, I have noted a few texts which state these points should be needled in a downwards direction. Could you clarify please?



Only Du15 you can not upward and deep needling, on the spine above 7th spine vertebrae(inculde 7th) should upward direction needling, below the 7th vertebrae you can direct verticle needling, except Du2(upward).


I believe this came about due to people trying to needle those points deeper and then fitting in between the vertebral segments. If you look at how the spine is designed, deeper needling would require a slight upward direction of the needle. That said, needling that deeply is not relevant or required in any way, so the direction should generally be even or down, particularly when you consider the energetic function of many of those points.

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