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Needling Lung 7


Just wondering in which ways do you needle lung7. i Know in most texts it advises to pinch the skin and insert transversly.

My question is in which direction is most common.

My question is relating to needling extraordinary vessels... for instence if im opening the Yin Qiao Mai extraordinary vessel, i Needle K6 in the direction of the kidney channel flowing up the i presume that the coupled point Lu7 is to be needled with the flow of the Lung channel, so i needle it with the flow of the lung channel; towards the hand.

Im wondering if this is the correct method? with the channel flow?

Im so used to needling Lu7 towards the elbow for sedating and dispersing, it just felt a little wierd is all.




That sounds correct. When I needle ev pairs (particularly when using the ion pumping cords from manaka) you needle with the flow of the meridian. And, as you say, I generally pinch the skin a little and then insert transversely with the flow...


The extraordinary meridians are not considdered to have a specific direction, they are a pool of energy. In my opinion, the direction of the needle is not that important.

When I needle these to open a pair, I do it influenced by Manaka. However, I do not use ion cords, but I needle it shallow. Manaka also placed the Lung-7 differently, that is more towards the inner side, poke around to find a sore spot. Needling shallow, does not need any direction so perpindicularu should be fine.



I needle LU7 toward the index finger.

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